A Conversation with My TBI

Dear TBI,

I know you’re  not a person, you’re my stupid brain injury, but it’s about time we had a talk.  You have no idea what it’s like to live with you, and to always get messed up by you.

The first thing I’m doing, is I’m giving you a name. I’m going to call you “The Joker” from now on.  You know like Batman and “The Joker”?  You’re evil and diabolical, and you’ve always got this stupid grin on your face.

That name gives youKeep Reading

When they say, “Stop Using that Brain Injury Thing-ie Excuse”

There are some things people say that cut right to the quick, leaving you bruised and bleeding as though a cat-o-nine tails had just snapped your skin open. These are words so hurtful you can’t believe anyone would utter them, never mind that they are  usually said by someone close to you, who knows you, and is supposed to care about you. What messes you up even more is that these words are supposedly said for your own good.

“Please tell me how those words are supposed to help,”  you wantKeep Reading

Regaining Our Humanity and Sense of Self after TBI

We lose much when we experience a TBI.  There are lots of small losses; skills, abilities, etc., which, together,  make up a much larger loss, the  loss of ourselves.  While it’s necessary and important to learn and relearn things to correct those small losses in order that our lives work and we function in society, our family units, etc., we needKeep Reading