When We Snap After TBI


When was the last time you snapped?

I don’t mean your fingers.

We, who have experienced a TBI, have all been there: the situation where it’s too noisy, or too busy, or too bright or, with our lowered threshold, too almost anything.  I’m sure you know the  situation.  It’s the thing others don’t understand because it is normal for them, but for us, unable as we are, to regulateKeep Reading

A Conversation with My TBI

Dear TBI,

I know you’re  not a person, you’re my stupid brain injury, but it’s about time we had a talk.  You have no idea what it’s like to live with you, and to always get messed up by you.

The first thing I’m doing, is I’m giving you a name. I’m going to call you “The Joker” from now on.  You know like Batman and “The Joker”?  You’re evil and diabolical, and you’ve always got this stupid grin on your face.

That name gives youKeep Reading