Regaining Our Humanity and Sense of Self after TBI

We lose much when we experience a TBI.  There are lots of small losses; skills, abilities, etc., which, together,  make up a much larger loss, the  loss of ourselves.  While it’s necessary and important to learn and relearn things to correct those small losses in order that our lives work and we function in society, our family units, etc., we needKeep Reading

The Zen of TBI Moments

Our lives are a succession of moments, beginning with the moment we pop out of the womb, all slimy and new, and ending with the moment we take our last breath. Somewhere in between that beginning and that end, some of us experience a brain injury as a defining moment and life-changing event

Many dramatic changes occur in our lives due to our brain injury, andKeep Reading

Blasting Out Of the TBI Ozone

First I hear the crackle of the radio, then a voice. “One-zero-zero-niner.  Jeff, do you read me?  You out there? Come in Jeff!!”

That’s someone calling me, but I’m not sure what to do.  I’m stuck.  Stuck in another situation that Keep Reading

Learning to Thrive in the Modern World

Many, many years ago, the words “Hi-Tech” were used to refer to innovations such as the wheel…or the spoon.   Those were incredible inventions for that time. In modern times, when  we are able to do things like make a plastic spoon in minutes from a 3-D printer, we take the fast paced, incredibly innovative nature of life for granted.

Times have changed, and Keep Reading

Overcoming Doubt

One of the fiercest battles we, as TBI survivors, find ourselves engaged in, is the battle against doubt. After a Brain Injury, self doubt creeps in on us, spreading like rust, rotting our confidence and certainty to the point where we become frozen; unable to act, Keep Reading