Learning to Thrive in the Modern World

Many, many years ago, the words “Hi-Tech” were used to refer to innovations such as the wheel…or the spoon.   Those were incredible inventions for that time. In modern times, when  we are able to do things like make a plastic spoon in minutes from a 3-D printer, we take the fast paced, incredibly innovative nature of life for granted.

Times have changed, and Keep Reading

PTSD: You & Me

There has been a lot of talk about the correlation between traumatic brain injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.  All the new information has got me thinking about my own situation, and examiningKeep Reading

Overcoming Doubt

One of the fiercest battles we, as TBI survivors, find ourselves engaged in, is the battle against doubt. After a Brain Injury, self doubt creeps in on us, spreading like rust, rotting our confidence and certainty to the point where we become frozen; unable to act, Keep Reading

Awareness & Being Un-believable!!

March being Brain Injury Awareness Month, I started thinking about awareness and what that meant to me. I thought, not just about others’ awareness of TBI, but the impact better self-awareness, awareness of our own situation and ourselves would have in helping us live Keep Reading