I Need A Vacation…From My TBI


After a cold and snowy winter, summer is finally here. Summer is a great time to take off your shoes and kick back, lie on the beach, hang out with friends, or spend an evening on the front porch listening to the baseball game.

In the fall and winter seasons we always seem to be battling something; whether it’s those hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, or just bone chilling cold, we always seem to be reacting to Keep Reading

The War for Our Pride & Independence


About 35 years ago I was talking to a friend of mine who had done two tours of duty in Vietnam. He said to me that I had been through a war on account of my brain injury. I was blown away, hearing it from him. I listened, and trusted what he said, knowing he had first hand experience with a brain injury, having been injured in combat.

He was right.  This is a war, in a sense, and it’s being foughtKeep Reading

“Even A Hero Can Get Confused after Brain Injury.”


Confucius,  that old wise man,  might have said something like, “Even a hero can get confused after brain injury.”

He would have been able  to cut through all the BS, or the candy coating, or the wrapping around the package, or whatever you want to call the stuff that stops us from seeing what is really going on.  In this way he was able to speak the truth and get to the essence of the issue.

To many, it appears obvious that we get “confused” or we are “slow”, and sometimesKeep Reading

The Beauty of Perspective


Four months after waking up from my month-long coma I met with the Dean to discuss my return to college. She suggested I might want to check out the course of a history professor who  had undergone brain surgery and was also just returning to school.

I  felt it was a good idea since we had the “brain” thing in common.

Keep Reading

When We Snap After Brain Injury


When was the last time you snapped?

I don’t mean your fingers.

We, who have experienced a TBI, have all been there: the situation where it’s too noisy, or too busy, or too bright or, with our lowered threshold, too almost anything.  I’m sure you know the  situation.  It’s the thing others don’t understand because it is normal for them, but for us, unable as we are, to regulateKeep Reading